Sunday, August 10, 2014

Disney Movie of the Week: Movies That Inspire Me

When I write I have to have something going on in the background. Music helps sometimes but I prefer a movie or TV show. And when it comes to Disney movies, these are the top 5 that inspire me and help keep the creative juices flowing!

Mary Poppins
One of my nuggets of wisdom is: Julie Andrews is appropriate for every and all occasions. When I'm sad, nothing helps more than Sound of Music with a stack of chocolate chip pancakes. When I need inspiration, Mary Poppins helps me find it. One of my favorite songs of all time is Feed The Birds. The movie is filled with great lessons and wonderful characters.

Saving Mr. Banks
Along with Mary Poppins, I love the story of it's author and how it came to be a beloved movie. Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson are everything in this movie. Although I do have to stop and watch every scene Walt is in, I really love watching this movie while I write. 

Beauty And The Beast
I'm actually watching this right now as I write! This movie also belongs on the list of movies I love to watch when I'm sick. And it's actually one of the few movies Buttons will watch as well (it's totally hilarious to watch her, every time she sees Beast her ears perk up and she freaks out when she watched the scene with the wolves..). This movie inspires me to write stories about far off places, daring sword fights and a prince in disguise...or just a blog post...ahem...And the music is really great background noise to have while working.

The Little Mermaid
This movie is another one of those movies that are just great to watch in any setting. I love the animation so much in this movie so sometimes it can be distracting (but then again I get distracted by everything) And I also have to stop and watch Kiss The Girl. This movie has been on replay many a night while rewriting chapters. 

Peter Pan
I was having trouble writing fiction and just didn't feel very imaginative. One night while writing I put on Peter Pan and found myself writing better than I have written in awhile! It is the ultimate movie about imagination. This movie has been a big part of my creativity since I was little. The reason that I love this movie is that it keeps little Arielle alive in adult Arielle. Every time I watch it I feel inspired.

What Disney movie inspires you? Or what's your favorite Disney quote? Don't forget as soon as I have 100 Facebook and Twitter followers, I'll be giving away one of the movies featured on Disney Movie of the Week. It could be any of these 5!

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