Sunday, June 15, 2014

Disney Movie of The Week: Frozen

To say that this week's movie caused a frenzy would be an understatement...from crazy lines to meet the characters at the Parks, to people wreaking havoc to buy merchandise at the stores, this movie is probably one of Disney's most popular animated films since the 90's. And although some people are totally over it, I still LOVE this movie! So pop some popcorn (or a snow cone might be more appropriate), and grab a blanket because your house is about to get:

What we love: I love how this movie is reminiscent to classic Disney. It made me think of the princess movies that I grew up with and cherished. The songs were on point, the voice actors were great (um hello, Idina Menzel? Seriously? Amazeballs...had to say it), and the story had a ton of great lessons (ie: guys pick their nose, don't get engaged to a guy you just met like 12 hours ago...I'm looking at you, Utah population..). 

What we don't love: Yeah this guy:
Yeah he looks innocent...but DON'T TRUST HIM

Without giving too much away, I hated this guy more than any Disney villain ever. Yeah. Intense.
Also I thought Kristoff needed another song. I mean seriously, if you are going to cast a Broadway star like Johnathon Groff, you give him more than a 30 second song. I think they should have replaced the Troll's song with another Kristoff number. In my opinion.

Lovable characters: I totally want a Sven. And an Olaf. They are so so adorable! Olaf's song "In Summer" is one of thee cutest Disney songs to date!
Frozen Frenzy: This movie caused a ton of frenzy in the parks, mostly Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. With lines to meet Elsa and Anna exceeding 4 hours, people got a little cray-cray. There were reports of pushing and shoving causing injuries just so people could get in line first. Ok first of all: For those who think that it's acceptable to do that: 
YOU ARE RUINING EVERYTHING GOOD AND MAGICAL ABOUT DISNEY WORLD! Seriously?! You have to HURT people (including children!!) in order to see a princess for what, 30 seconds?! And you are teaching your children that is it totally fine to push and shove and be mean in order to get what you want? Get real! Walt would be SO disappointed in you! Oh yeah I pulled the "Walt card", that's how serious this is...

Ok enough of that drama. 

Anways, Frozen is a fantastic movie for Family Movie night! It is filled with amazing music, the lesson of the importance of family, and some great belly laughs! Make it even more special by serving snow cones (just not lemon flavored..) or ice cream! I absolutely enjoy this movie and it definitely hasn't gotten old for me!
What is YOUR favorite part of Frozen? And what do you think about all the hype it's causing? Do you think it will calm down anytime soon?

Hint for next weeks DMOTW: We are leaving the cold of Arendelle and setting off for a big adventure on the islands of Hawaii!! 

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