Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Get Stitchy Wit It

The AC is FINALLY fixed!!! YAAAAAAAYYYY!!! I will never take it for granted again! Anyways...moving on...

We talked about our love of Lilo and Stitch here. Stitch is a big deal in our house. Brody and I both adore him. In fact it is one of the few Disney movies that Brody will watch the whole way through. (He watched Frozen but there might have been duct tape involved...ahem...).

Why doesth thou love Stitch? Well here are a few reasons..

1.) The things he says..
OMG the words that come out of that aliens mouth...hilarious and yet sometimes so insightful...

2.) His style
The dude has some great fashion sense...just saying..

3.) He's cute and fluffy
How can you be mad at that face?

SQUUUEEEEEEEEE!!!! He's so cute I can't stand it!!!

Wouldn't it be fun if you had a Stitch of your own? Me thinks everyone should have a Stitch. So I am giving away a special plush of Stitch! Enter below to win and then on July 7th I will announce a winner! If you don't happen to luck out on this giveaway, you can purchase your own Stitch plush here. Good luck kidlets!

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  1. I love how loyal LILO and stitch are to each other

  2. We LOVE LILO and Stitch! Lilo cracks me up! "Pudge controls the weather." Haha!

    1. Oh my gosh I love that quote too!! "If I feed him tuna I'd be an abomination!"

  3. I love that he's not perfect and bad but tries to be good... like my kids lol

  4. Replies
    1. I love his voice too! And his cute little language (even though he has a bit of a potty mouth but who doesn't haha!).