Wednesday, June 18, 2014

That One Time I Decided to Run a Half Marathon

So Utah decided to be Utah and drop down like 20 degrees this week. So that means people all over are using their heaters to warm their little tushies. However, in the Freestone/Boardman house we have no heat. YAY home-ownership!!! So I'm sitting in my office wearing 5 layers of clothing and a pair of gloves. Oh the joy.

 Yeah so, running. I don't do that stuff. Ever. So why did I decide that running 13.1 miles would be a super duper great idea? I don't know, because it's in Disneyland...I really think I was dropped a few times as a baby. 
I have decided that I will be running in the Tinkerbell Half Marathon next May. I figured that would give me time to train so I won't kill over. A lot of people said that I don't need a full 11 months to ran for two minutes straight the other day and thought I was going to die. 
I'm going to start out with the From Couch to 5k plan and then go from there. I've only been training for a week but so far so good. Whenever I feel like giving up I just think of the discounted Disneyland tickets I'll be getting, and all the Dole Whips and Turkey Legs I'll be eating afterwards...Holla!
Brody might also be running with me. I warned him that it's a ladies themed run...but hey, if he runs with me I'll know that I will have the best team mate there. 

I also need to think of a costume! If you do a RunDisney event it's kinda like an unwritten rule that you have a costume. Have any of you ran in a RunDisney event? If so, what's your advice on costumes? I'm kinda nervous to run in a costume just because I can't even run in clothes made for running (ps: last week was the first week I used yoga pants for like working out and stuff...amazing!). Also if anyone has ANY advice on running (what kind of shoes to wear, diet, yada yada yada..) I am so down to hear it. 

Already on my Christmas list mom....ahem...AHEM..

I wanted to share some of my favorite running blogs that I read religiously. When I feel super lazy I just read a few posts on these blogs and they make me feel crazy motivated again (like 'Eye of the Tiger' running up stairs, beating up hanging meat motivated..)!

If you have a running blog let me know! Imma need all the help I can get the next few if you'll excuse me...I am in search of an oxygen tank, which I will be needing..

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