Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Sentiments

Lots of crap has been going on around here the last few days and since I am too lazy to write it all in multiple's all going into one. And because I wish to be like other fancy schmancy bloggers I'm just going to call it Saturday buckle up Betty because we got a lot of ground to cover.

Tell Me How Am I Supposed To Breathe With No Air.....
So the drama with the AC continues. Let me back it up from the beginning. The AC was working. And then it wasn't. Well. The AC unit outside works. But the thingy that makes the air come out of the vents does not (can't you tell I'm a HVAC profesh...). So we get a new motor. No worky. So we buy a new worky. We fork out over $100 for a dude to come out and look at it. The brand new motor we bought was bad. So we buy another one. It no fit. We return it and buy ANOTHER one. It works and makes cold air go WHOOSH out of air vents. YAAAYY!!! A few days later, it no worky again. Fuse goes bye-bye. Buy new fuse. No worky. Ari sad. Brody very sad. No air conditioning again. It's almost July and we have no AC. Oh boy. If anyone has any ideas on how to proceed I will love you forever.

Let's Get Down To Business
....It's a Disney blog, what do you expect....

So last Summer I started a little Social Media management business on the side. I had about 4 clients. I told them I would give them 30 days of free Social Media and then they would be charged for whatever package they selected. After the 30 days 3 out of 4 clients wanted to sign up. Not one person paid me. Not one. I would call and leave messages. i would send emails. One client would call and ask me to do a marketing project and I'd be like, "Uh dude. Pay me what you owe first and then I'll worry about that." And everyone was like:

Because it's a cricket...get it...anything? No?
  So I pretty much told them to suck it and I dropped the whole thing. Now I'm thinking of starting it up again. I love doing it. I have great ideas and I have a passion for learning about it. And I'm yearning to be my own boss. I want to target bloggers and small businesses. It's still in the dreaming stage and with me paying off debt, it will probably stay there for awhile. I'm interested in hearing from any business owners with their stories of how they got started and any resources they can direct me to!

And Finally...My Dog's an Asshole...

Pardon the language but she really is. And I can't do anything about it because look at this dog:

How do you get mad at a dog that can wear a cape like a boss? Answer: you can't...

But I am. For one big reason. She has major territorial issues with our cat. So we adopted Buttons over 6 months ago. She was found outside of the shelter so there was no information on her. She had a great demeanor and she really is a sweet dog. But she has this problem. She goes potty in the room that Taffy's litter box is in. I talked to her vet, and he said she shouldn't be doing that, she should be going potty by the back door if she couldn't hold it. I talked to 4 (count em..4) animal behavioral specialists and they all said the same thing, she's thinking Taffy and her are in a territorial battle over that room. So we have been crating her at night because that's when she goes potty in that room. Crating went really well (we think she was crate trained before). Well Friday morning I open the back door to let her go potty outside. She refused. I asked her again. She refused. I go up stairs and she's standing in Taffy's room. I tell her to get out. And she takes a shit...while looking at me directly in the eye. What an a-hole. So now she has to get crated while we are at work and while we are sleeping. After a while she can roam free and see if she does it again. 
We put her crate in our office and now she thinks that's HER room. Taffy tries to come in and sit with me while I'm working and Buttons snaps at her. Not ok. I'm thinking we have a long road of training ahead of us...

We are going to the air show today at Hill Air Force base and then we have a BBQ to go to tomorrow. What do you guys have planned this weekend?

PS: I'm watching the premiere of Girl Meets World as we speak! Look out for a review soon!Who watched it last night?!

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