Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The 10 Best Ways to Get Over A Bad Day

Bad days. They happen sometimes right? I can definitely say that I have had my share of bad days. But what I hate about bad days, is when they get worse. But, do you think we should stay in a funk when we get down? NO! We find ways to turn our frowns upside down! And what better way than to have some of our Disney pals show us how!  
1.) Breathe!  
Good stuff in, bad stuff out...Sometimes everything keeps piling up and it can get intense. Take a moment. Forget everything you need to do. And just relax...taking a few minutes to yourself can ease your mind and you'll be feeling better in no time! 
I know Ariel, I know...those dang Sea Witches..they really bug.

2.) Sing and Dance to a Happy song 
Music is such a great mood influencer. Crank up some happy tunes and belt it out! No one will judge you. Promise! While you are practicing for your American Idol audition, bust a few moves! I have something called a 30 second dance party. Whenever I start getting stressed, or need to shake something off, I yell "30 SECOND DANCE PARTY!!!" And everyone has to dance for 30 seconds. Yes, everyone.  

3.) Go to your happy place. 
We all have a happy place right?! You close your eyes and visualize something that makes you happy! For me I picture myself going on Splash Mountain. I close my eyes and visualize myself walking through the line and going on the ride. Although it's definitely not the same as the real thing it still puts a smile on my face. When I'm super sad and stressed, I think of the fireworks at Disneyland!   

4.) Hang out with friends that'll make you laugh 
Laughter is the best medicine! If you can't be with your friends at that moment, just text them, or call them, When you surround yourself with positive people, it gets you out of that negative mindset! 

5.) Watch a funny movie 
Find a movie that will make your side split from laughing! It'll get your mind off of your stresses and it is a great way to relax at the end of a hard day. 

6.) Keep Moving Forward 
Sometimes when we get upset, we end up being stuck in our feelings. This makes it hard to move on and grow. You might have failed a test, or got passed up for a promotion or new job. Don't let it bring you down to the point where you don't want to try! As Walt Disney and the Robinson family says: "Keep Moving Forward!!" Don't look back! "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow!" 

7.) Get in touch with nature 
Stand barefoot in grass, go for a hike, walk through a garden. Something about nature helps you realize how beautiful the world is and all those things that made you feel sad or mad will disappear! 

8.) Take a nap 
umm...self explanatory...naps pretty much solve EVERYTHING! Don't you wish that you took full advantage of them back when nap time was mandatory? Sometimes after the carton of ice cream and the funny movie has failed, you just got to crawl under the covers for an hour and slip off to dreamland.  


9.) Think of A Wonderful Thought 
Much like number 3, this is all about positive visualization. Send a few minutes thinking about anything that will put a smile on your face. Think of Christmas, or think of snow! Think of mermaid lagoon, underneath a magic moon! See, you're already smiling! Now only if you had some pixie dust.... 

10.) Let It Go! 
Elsa definitely taught us something didn't she? There are going to be bad days at work, home or school. People will say things that irk us or hurt our feelings. The best thing we can do, is just let it go. Don't let it bother you for too long. Recognize you feelings and then start to get into a positive mindset.  
Like a boss...

My favorite bad day remedy? Throw on some sweats and put on a Disney movie (or 2....or 3...orrrrr 4...). What do you do when you're having a bad day? Share with me!

All images and rights belong to the Walt Disney Company. 

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