Sunday, June 22, 2014

Disney Movie of The Week: Lilo and Stitch

So last week we cooled down with a family movie night from Frozen. This week we are heating things up to a trip to Hawaii to see Lilo and Stitch! Here is what we love about this movie and how you can make this week's family movie night a night to remember! 

What We Love: Stitch is seriously adorable. Who wouldn't want a Stitch. To me he reminds me a little bit of Brody, who can sometimes be a Stitch himself, but is still adorable so I can't be too mad... I also love Lilo's sister, Nani. She is spunky and she tries super hard at being a good sister and parent to Lilo.  This movie makes ya cry and laugh all at the same time...which makes it a great Disney movie! It has great lessons about the importance of family and never leaving anyone behind.  
Is it weird that I dress Buttons up like this??

What we don't love: That part when Stitch leaves and he's all like, "I'm lost.." OMG cry fest over here!! 

 Favorite quotes:  
"Pudge controls the weather. " 
"Oh good! My dog found the chainsaw! " 
"Thus far you have been adrift in the sheltered harbor of my patience." (If I ever meet Ving Rhames I'm going to totally ask him to say this..) 

How To Make It A Fun Movie Night:  
To serve: Fresh fruit, or even a peanut butter or tuna sandwich (although if you with the tuna you might be an abomination...) 
To wear: you can buy leis from the dollar store, as everyone is coming into the living room before the movie hand them out! 
To decorate: So I'm not super big on decorating for a movie that lasts like an hour and a half. But it can be fun to add some mini umbrellas to your drinks or even just throw a grass skirt over your coffee table. Little touches can be fun for a movie night! You can also check out some super fun ideas here!

What do you like about Lilo & Stitch? What is your favorite part or quote from the movie? Let me know in the comments!

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