Sunday, June 8, 2014

Disney Movie Of The Week: Oliver and Company

  So nowadays in Northern Utah, thins get pretty warm around 11 am. So yesterday, when it was time to turn on the AC, you can imagine how annoyed I was to find out that our AC no longer works...oh the joys of home ownership. I can handle heat pretty well, but I just worry about the furbabies, so we've set up a plethora of fans and as soon as it starts to cool down outside, the windows are opened. Buttons has even started to like her pink kiddie pool. I'm hoping we will be able to get it fixed soon before we start to see 100 degree weather...but let us move on to the big event of the day!

This weeks Disney Movie Of The Week, has some of the best music, in my opinion. Not only will it get your toes tapping, but it also will give you a few belly laughs and give you some warm and fuzzies. Which we all know is pretty much the main ingredients of a great Disney film! What surprises me most about this movie is how underrated it is! I have had a lot of people say they have never heard of this movie! So I'm pretty excited to share Oliver and Company with all ya'll this week! 

What We Love: As I said before, this movie has some great songs! I think that's what makes this movie so lovable. I also love all the characters. They each have great personalities and something about them that makes the audience fall in love and have a connection with each of them.  

What We Don't Love: Um the first scene. I totally have a bawl-fest every time. Who wouldn't pick up sweet little Oliver and take him home??!! So sad. I also don't love Sikes. What does he do for a living anyways? Is he a drug lord? Mafia member? Anybody know? Either way, he's a big jerk and I don't like him.  

Music: Billy Joel (who voices Dodger) totally rocks with "Why Should I Worry" It's one of my all-time favorite Disney songs! Also, Bette Midler is awesome in this movie as Georgette. Her song, "Perfect is Me." Is seriously clever and I love how over dramatic she is. But then again, Bette Midler is just perfect in  
See? So fabulous...

Our Favorite Characters: It's pretty hard to find one favorite character in this movie. But I have to say Tito is pretty close to my all time fav. He totally embodies all the characteristics of a little chihuahua! 

Family Friendly: This movie is pretty family friendly. It's a great way to introduce your kids to rescue animals. I will say it can be pretty scary at the end when Sikes is chasing Fagin and Jenny in the subway. Other than that it is a PERFECT movie for family movie night. Between the songs and the funny jokes it enough to keep your kids attention throughout! 

Oliver and Company is one of those Disney Movies that don't have a lot of attention but is such a great film. What do you love about this movie? Also tell me other "not well known" Disney movies that you would like to see on the blog! 

Also! I am running a giveaway (the first for this blog)! As soon as I reach 100 followers on Twitter and Facebook, one lucky winner will receive one of the DMOTW of their choice on DVD! Once I hit 100 followers on both pages I will post the giveaway here. Good luck! 

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