Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Disneyland Apple Pie Caramel Apples: My First Pinterest FAIL

Whenever I hear someone say, "We never eat in the parks, we bring all of our food, we don't even buy snacks.", I think, "You're crazy." Yeah food at Disney isn't cheap, but it is oh so good! Now, I'll be honest, I haven't really ever sat down and ate a meal in Disney. I usually run by the Turkey leg stand and stuff my face while standing in line. If I didn't have a responsible adult with me, I probably would just forget to eat altogether. Of course if you need to save money, packing your own lunch and snack is not only a great idea, but a smart one as well. However, there are some Disney foods that need to be of them being... a Disneyland Apple Pie Caramel Apple

Ok so, when I saw this recipe on Favorite Family Recipes, I was pretty pumped. You're telling me that I can get my fill of my favorite Disneyland treats right at home? I don't have to get in the car, drive for almost 11 hours just when I get the craving for a delicious Disneyland Caramel Apple? Well sign me up Scotty!  
I was super excited to make these and the truth is, if I wasn't such a bone head they probably would have turned out as perfect as they are here. 
So just a few tips and tricks so you don't end up making apples that look like this: 
OK 2 things: 1.) My phone camera sucks. 2.) I have super ugly counter tops, please don't judge me...

1.) The recipe calls to have the apples sit on wax paper. WAX PAPER. Don't have it? Buy it? Don't be like Arielle and think, " wax paper...but I'll just use tin foil!!" DO NOT USE TIN FOIL!! It will stick to the apples...and it will be difficult to get off...let's just say Brody was not thrilled. It was the ultimate test in our relationship.  
2.) After you roll the apples in the white chocolate wait like 10 seconds before dipping it into the graham cracker mix. Do it before, you'll make a big mess and It will not be pretty. Wait after 10 seconds and the chocolate will harden and you will have to re-dip.  
Heed my warning children. Tin Foil is my arch nemesis. If you JUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE you will not have an issue making these yummy treats. And they are beyond yummy.  
I will probably attempt to make them again, but I'll be sure to buy some wax paper.  
Tell me what is your favorite Disney treat?!


  1. I've had plenty of Pinterest fails :) They still look yummy though!

    1. They were pretty delicious! We actually ate them all except for one before I could get any pictures!

  2. I'd still eat it, ha. I absolutely love the candy apples from the candy shop in Disney's Hollywood Studios. They are a must-have every vacation!

    1. Oh yes, we ate all of them, I had some for breakfast haha!